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Ubisoft: The Settlers Online, My City, Treasure Odyssey & social games

Posted on  Sep 17,2010  03:09 , by 


As Bigpoint expanding its business worldwide, and even Google is ready to hit the social gaming market, The world’s leading video game developer Ubisoft was itching to launch its browser games Video game HOMM sideline Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms and The Settlers Online.

Not only bigpoint, Facebook and Google released that the social gaming market is a huge cake, but Ubisoft got the hang of the key to future gaming direction. Ubisoft, the video game developer is now rushing into this niche market with browser games and facebook social games such as The Settlers – My City, Horse Saga, Vineyard Country, Castle & Co, and Treasure Odyssey.

Ubiquitous as Ubisoft did the way, the same happens in the German’s huge browser game market. Ubisoft launched its new browser game titled The Settlers Online, which is only available for German language, and the international version has not been yet confirmed as of today.

Since 27 July, Ubisoft German’s office announced it has officially launched closed beta testing phase of the strategy browser game The Settlers Online. Players who have already dived into this game brightened up with joy and gave a relatively hype to The Settlers Online.

However, Ubisoft had permeated into social gaming market since last year with its first facebook game callled TickTock. Till now, they have launched a few of beta titles mentioned above.

Even Facebook fans have already experience the beta version of social game The Settlers – My City, which looks beautifully designed in terms of gameplay and graphics, totally different from browser game’s.

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