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Ministry of War, Auto Club Revolution, War of 2012 & Emergency 2012

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As usual, I spend my morning hours on browsing through the internet, in hopes of spying something fresh and astonishing. As I was expecting, I found four new Free MMORPGs and out there, developed by international gaming studios from China, German, and UK.

First, the beta mmo browser game Ministry of War, (or Terra Militaris, ther European Version) got the new updates. Snail Games USA partnered with some mainstream MMORPG portal and Browser Game portal to give away a bunch of beta keys by which passionate gamers are able to experience this free strategy game first.

Ministry of War was firstly announced in China under the name of Civilization of Empires or DiGuoShiDai in PinYin. Drawing  inspiration from Microsoft’s Client-based MMORTS Age of Empires, Snail Game do a lot of research and innovatively brought the game into North America under the genre of Browser game, in the hope of shaking up the market.

The German-based MMO Publisher Gala Networks (gPotato) yesterday told MMOGameSite.com that they are now localizing the game into multiple languages such as German, Spanish, French and more. And the game would be scheduled to release later 2010, or early 2011. The EU version will be synchronized with international version.

Second, I would like to go on with German games, Emergency 2012, a strategy warring game that is not yet fully released. As the game title suggests, the game will tell you the story about 2012 Survival.

Third, 2012 is not alone when it is made into online games. This is the same happens to War of 2012, a Chinese browser game’s localized version, though the game title is randomly generated, not based on the game Three Kingdoms Theme.

Finally, GamersHell.com published a piece of news about a upcoming browser car racing game called, Auto Club Revolution, which features fully-licensed vehicles and parts.

With MMOGameSite.com, you will know all new games. In a word, when a new mmo game is released, you will hear it first on MMOGameSite.com

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