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Lord of the Rings Online: How to pick a best class in lotro

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Well, a lot of playes have been asking what class is best in LOTRO. Actually, there’s really no best class and they are completely balanced for PVE imo.

Heres an overview.

Minstrel – Your main healer type, traited right you can do some very high end DPS. Great soloability and survivability. Always wanted in groups. Always. You use the ballad tier system to buff/heal/dps. You get 3 tiers to build up to, then an anthem can be played with very powerful effects. They Melee and do ranged DPS, either or. Preferably both. Backbone of PVE groups.

Rune Keeper – another healing option. They have heals that are more proactive rather than reactive. Lots of HoT ticks with these guys, but nevertheless they get it done. They also can buff vs certain resistances at a high level. A good RK healer is wanted just as much as a Minstrel. Thier DPS attunement side however is absoloutly great. One of the best nukers and sustained damage classes. The hook with RK’s though.. is that you need to decide if your healing or DPSing before you make the pull, as it can be rather tedious to switch from one attunement to the other while fully attuned. They also have some crowdcontrol thats notable as well as a daze melee attack. Very mobile class that doesnt rely on casting times.

Captain – Another option as a healer, though not effectivly until late game. You use reactive heals as a captain, but not just reactive. Its actually pretty fun to heal as these guys, they can be thought of as melee healers. Captains also get a “pet”. The herald is pretty much a peon that you tell what to do =) They also can replace the herald with Banners at level 20, and archers very late game (50 something). So you get the options of using those 3 whenever you want. They also use marks. You can mark targets to various effets. One will do 10% more damage, another will make attacks heal you, others do DOT damage and more. Captains can be traited for DPS, Healing or Support. Support Captains seem the most wanted. The buffs are the best in the game.

Warden – A solo-tank so to speak. They use the gambit system which is really neat. You get X skills and use them in a certain order to fire off “finishing moves”. They have some pretty good buffs, can heal themselves (and others though not much) and are incredible offtanks or AOE tanks. They use a spear/shield combo. Think the movie “300″. Thats the warden. Best played as hobbits IMO (not really, worst race for the class. But coolest.). Wardens get a run speed buff as well as traveling skills.

Hunter – A range/melee DPS. Yes, both. Typically when soloing you will do both. Until you start getting the harder hitting skills later in the game (Heartpeirce ftw). They can teleport your group around the world which is great. They also have a run speed buff. Hunters are one of the best single target DPS classes. They also use traps in combat for crowd control. Ive been in 6 person groups of hunters in dungeons. And we cleared them (Moria dungeons) using smart threat managment and our traps. Very fun class. Can imbue arrows to various effects also.

Burglar – One of the good crowd control classes. Lots of stuns and disables. Has pretty good DPS and the ability to start fellowship manuavers alot more often than any other classes. Has stealth of course. I dont have much exp with Burgs. I played one to mid-20′s. played right end-game though, its another class people wont pass up.

Champion – Your melee AOE dps. They can offtank as well. Traited right they can even main tank. If you want the standard “warrior” feel, go champion. Not alot to say about it other then.. its the dude that runs up and kicks things in the skull.

Gaurdian – the games most usual Main Tank. very fun to play. VERY easy to solo with and always wanted. Guardian Combat is very reactive. Alot of skills can only be used after a dodge/block/parry/crit kinda gimmick. But fun none-the less. Easiest agro managment in the game. Can be traited as DPS as well. Usually single target DPS with a two hander.

Lore-Master – Not what you think it would be. Not a very mage-like class. Lore-master gets pets as they level up, each doing different things. Reminds me of the pet system in WoW for Warlocks. This is a pretty essential class endgame. Loremasters can steal power/health from enemies then redistribute it to party members. They also have some of the best crowd control in game. And later in the game after you get a legendary trait slot and finish one of the class books, you can Dual-wield a Staff/Sword combo. It looks pretty bad… Working on getting an LM there now.

Well, I personally have a Minstrel and Warden as my two main characters, though I haven’t gotten around to catching the Minstrel up to level 65 yet. I think it’s a pretty good mix.

Minstrel is just about the most desired class for grouping. It’s generally pretty easy to play, but it’s still challenging to be a truly good healer in groups. Once you hit the higher levels and are able to fully trait for warspeech, soloing is pretty smooth, though it’s somewhat limited by high power consumption and skill cooldowns.

Warden is the ultimate soloer, and to me the most fun class to play. Moderate dps but insane survivability. The main downside to the Warden is grouping – all you can really do is tank, so you have to compete with all the Guardians out there, and being that a Warden is pretty difficult to play well, there are people who are skeptical of picking up Wardens to tank in a PUG. I’d definetly recommend playing a Warden as either your main or alt, it’s just to fun to pass up.

As for which class you make your main, it really just depends on whether you have a stronger preference towards grouping or soloing.

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