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Grepolis 2.0 – a new Era in the Ancient Greece

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Hamburg, January 24. About one year after its release, the strategy game Grepolis is close to start a new era. With the update to version 2.0, a lot of new features are implemented into the Browsergame. InnoGames has already opened a first beta world on http://beta.grepolis.com to test them. Within the next weeks, the existing worlds are supposed to be updated as well.

“With version 2.0, we have improved Grepolis in all of its aspects”, says InnoGames founder Hendrik Klindworth. “The graphics for the isle world and the city have become much more realistic. In the game play, we have simplified the start by easing the farming system for the players. You can get more resources with less effort now and therefore proceed faster. Simultaneously, we have introduced the Seven Wonders of the World as the decisive strategic element for the late game phases”, he reveals.

In Grepolis 2.0, those wonders (Pyramids, Hanging Garden, Temple, Statue of Zeus, Mausoleum, Colossus, Lighthouse) define the conditions how to win a world . They can only be built by alliances, not by individual players. When an alliance has finished a certain number of wonders, it wins the world – and by this opens the gate to a whole new game level: the so called hero worlds.

Mr. Klindworth: “Our aim is that an alliance might win the world after one and a half to two years. But of course, we do not want to lose those passionate players afterwards. That is why we offer very special awards to all players who have survived a world for such a long time: the ascension to the hero worlds.” Those worlds will have exclusive content like special units and also the game balance will be different compared to the regular Grepolis worlds. Or to say it in another way: The hero worlds will be a very special challenge for all of those who have proven to be masters of strategy.

With six million registered users, Grepolis is one of the popular strategy Browser games worldwide.

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