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Cromimi, hamster and mice game, is coming to the US

Posted on  Jun 22,2011  01:06 , by 


Launched two years ago in France by Beemoov, an Internet video games editing company, Cromimi is a game where you can adopt hamsters and mice. No need to install or download anything, the game is fully available on the website us.cromimi.com or uk.cromimi.com.

With Cromimi, the player has the opportunity to take care of a cute fluffy ball, either a hamster or a mouse. Being a breeder, the player can also stroke and feed his rodent, and decorate its cage. Thanks to these actions, the player earns experience points (breeder) and training points (rodent) and becomes able to reach higher levels.

The player starts the game with the Cromimi of his choice (race, color, name). Then, the breeder learns how to take care of his rodents and can discover Cromimi City. Cromimi City is the place where live all the breeders and their Cromimis. In town, the breeder will find varied places, such as the fashion shop, the pet shop, the stadium or the career agency.

Each breeder has different levels to complete, usually composed of three missions. For instance, he can be asked to win 15 challenges, buy a specific item or reach a certain amount of points (either training, experience or breeder points). In order to achieve these objectives, the breeder will have to use all the game’s functionalities and challenge other breeders.

Cromimi offers the player all advantages of owning a pet without its drawbacks. Its accessibility and its ludic aspect make Cromimi a game as educative as entertaining for children. Benjamin

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  1. This is a fun game and I think it is a great way to teach kids how to take care of a hamster.There are a little problems shouldnt the hamsters be less money after you buy your first one?


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