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Clash of Kingdoms: Closed Beta Starts in October 14

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Koram Game just confirmed to MMO Game Site that they would officially launch the browser mmo game Clash of Kingdoms in October 14, 2010.

“After months of preparation, our team has finally rolled out this much invested online game Clash of Kingdoms, and we have performed pressure test and fixed a few bugs we encountered during the internal testing phase. Said Rita, PR Manager of Koram Game, “the first beta test server is scheduled to be open at 19:00 14th October (PST). With its flash-animated battles and eye-popping graphics, the game set in ancient China is far more realistic than any other MMORLG of this kind.”

For those who have already registered for Koram Community, you can login your account directly to play this game when the game is released. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook, Twitter account to connect with Koram Game passport.

Below are some tips for initial Development in Clash of Kingdoms

In the early stages of development in the game, you will want to put all of your manors resources into economic growth and only begin constructing troops when you’ve established a solid foundation.

If you want to maximize your development, you may also consider purchasing gold to use to open more land and speed up construction times.

Non-paying players can maximize growth by building 3 of each resource building and use the 5 remaining slots to construct 1 Granary, 1 Warehouse, 2 Archery Ranges and one Training Ground. Here the idea is to use the speed of your Cavalry troops to rapidly expand your influence all while receiving economic support from your manors.

In the three cities surrounding your main city, continue to build resources, laying particular stress on Residences, which produce much needed silver.

Play games in the academy to get extra resources and gifts. These will provide you with a heavy advantage as you develop.

Clash of Kingdoms is no different from real warfare, if you want your Kingdom to rise to the top, you should definitely help new members get on their feet, so that they too can begin contributing to your Kingdom’s quest for dominance.

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