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Brick Force Closed Beta Starts, Beta Key Required and Account Manually Unlocked

Posted on  Mar 1,2012  08:03 , by 


How long have you been exposed to shooter hunting games? And how many times have you made complaints of the invariable scenarios of each game? This time, you can start making your own scenarios as you like.

Infernum officially launched the closed beta for sandbox MMOFPS shooter Brick Force. If you are lucky enough to grab a key, you might as well try to validate your account and wait for the download link from the official notice.

Brick Force is a shooting game co- developed by the Korea-based game producer EXE Games and Infernum. This game features customized scenarios in which players can invent the map and build the environment using any or a random combination of the three types of bricks themselves or with their friends. The map, once registered, will be available to other players as an existing map.

This game also boasts fun and exquisite animation. Brick Force is free from download and can be played online directly by using a PC or a mobile device.

Learn more http://brick-force.com/

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1 Comment on Brick Force Closed Beta Starts, Beta Key Required and Account Manually Unlocked


  1. PLEASE, unlock me account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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